Understanding How to Shape a Thriving Remote Working Environment Amidst a Global Pandemic

April 7, 2020, 12:11 a.m.  

The world is changing around us. Shifts are happening in how we work that only months ago would have seemed unlikely, if not unthinkable. And yet, we are now in a new state of normal trying to adapt as strategically as we can.

We are experiencing a people-based crisis; and how leaders listen, respond and evolve will strengthen the resilience of teams and companies, to learn and move forward effectively.

Working remotely, we are also removed from each other – physically. With people at a distance, leaders are struggling with questions:

* How are people doing?
* How do we keep everyone together and on the same page?
* How do we maintain what we have worked so hard to achieve?

More than ever, now is the time for leaders to understand the true experience of people in their working environment and ensure the supports are there to provide a sense of clarity, community and confidence that we will more forward to a bigger future.

Making the best decisions rests on the ability of leaders to appreciate how the new working environment is affecting people; and understanding is a result of asking questions, giving safety for responding, and listening to the answers to make thoughtful decisions. And leaders need to stay tuned in – checking back and asking those questions regularly as the landscape is changing all the time.

WorkInsights Remote provides a confidential analytic for leaders of organizations, businesses and teams to survey employees to gain their honest perspectives on how they are thinking, feeling and taking actions. There is a stigma to raising your hand and admitting to feeling overwhelmed and challenged – town halls and video calls will not cut it. To fully commit to making remote working arrangements be truly productive and healthy, leaders need to give people the platform to say what they really need to say. Our analytic survey and diagnostic software give you the path to understanding what people are experiencing and how you can support them to be at their best.

Done right, remote working can boost productivity and morale; done badly, it can breed inefficiency, dame work relationships, and demotivate lives. More so, it can negatively affect the health of employees and their psychological well-being. An effective culture for remote work is not a given, it needs to be nurtured and proactively shaped to fit the company and the people.

So, what difference would it make to you if you could understand the true experience of your employees. How might that shift the way you lead or make decisions and what if you could identify your blindspots? These are some of the questions we’d like to help you answer.

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